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Dear Tami, I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the outstanding service that you provide. As a customer for over the past 40 years, I have always been pleased with the quality of your work and your attention to detail. I appreciated the friendly and professional manner of your entire staff. I

have always been treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Such a commitment to service is to be commended.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need.  Again, Thank You. ~ Harold


I have been coming to the Ocular Restoration Clinic for many years. My first visit was with the founder herself, LaDonna Swan, a lovely and talented ocularist. Years passed and I have had the privilege of seeing ocularists
Tami Stepankowski and Angela Reinhardt. I was not only given excellent and professional treatment but was
made to feel like I could ask them anything and they were only too happy to answer my questions to my satisfaction. Before you see Tami or Angela, you are greeted by Ann Marie at the front desk whom will make you

feel so welcome. She is wonderful. In conclusion, I have always been made to feel that I have three friends in Hamburg. Satisfied and Thankful for this clinic ~ Jennine

I am sixty-three years of age and I am one of the longer attending patients. I've watched the clinic evolve from its roots of very beginning under the direction of the clinics founder LaDonna Swan. I was brought by my parents as

an infant to Lafayette Square location which re-located to Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo and eventually LaDonna settled her own business in Hamburg, NY.


LaDonna Swan was known for her excellence in her field and recognized by her piers as she was truly dedicated
to her craft. Under her guidance and watchful eye Mrs. Swan nourished and taught her skills to Tami Stepankowski B.C.O and Angela Reinhardt B.C.O. In teaching both girls, Mrs. Swan raised the bar and both surpassed her mark
of excellence. No matter how challenging and unique and individual needs are the task before them is met with the same dedication, helpfulness and caring compassion that was instilled in them.


Anne-Marie the receptionist is a kind courteous person who makes everyone welcome. People loose their eyes
for different reasons. I can speak from experience as a child you can feel very self-conscious and shy. The Ocular Restoration Clinic are truly caring and would not only make a child feel comfortable they in turn would add to the child's self esteem to make the child feel better about one's self which is an important quality.


The founder of the clinic is unfortunately deceased but her dreams are very much alive and left in the most
capable of hands. I am sure Mrs. Swan would be very proud of her girls Tami, Angela and Anne-Marie.


People ask me why do I travel to Hamburg, NY from Canada when I can go to a facility in Canada. My answer is simple. I go to the Ocular Restoration Clinic because in my opinion they are the best.
Yours Truly ~ C. Munro, Canada

I was 14 years old when my first eye was enucleated and 21 years old when the other eye was removed. I was full
of fear and yet I was aware of being curious about how this might improve my overall appearance, being that my eyes had become two different colors, constantly tearing, and very painful after undergoing so many surgeries
over the years to restore my vision. Nevertheless, I forged ahead in searching for the best clinic that would fit me properly with suitable prosthetics. With the support of the local Lions Club, we were soon seated in the office in
the Ocular Restoration Clinic in Hamburg. I was so nervous as I was introduced to Tami and as she walked us through the process that I would undergo. I had little discomfort as Tami guided us through the steps involved in creating my new eyes.

We even considered which eye color that I might look best in. I recall joking about my desire to wear prosthetics with hearts or dollar signs on them! We finally settled on green eyes because both of my young daughters had green eyes. Once my family and friends saw me with my new eyes, they noticed that the fit and color were quite becoming! They were amazed that the eyes moved normally! I gained a new set of eyes and also a great deal of confidence. I know longer felt as though I stood out in a crown as a blind person, but rather, I felt like I fit in with
the crowd! This lead me to desire more for my family and myself. I went on to earn a masters degree in education. After 17 years of teaching the blind and visually impaired, I gave high honors to Ocularist, Tami for her compassion, honesty, and creativity for over 28 years of ocular care. Ocular Restoration gives hope and new vision to people who come to them with a need for a prosthetic. Some of their patients, like me, receive much more! Thank you for your understanding and kindness every time we visit with you!
We appreciate your work and your sincere support! ~ Karen

Ocular Restoration Clinic; It's nice to know that there are caring people like you, who want to make a difference,

and give someone back their self-esteem. It's nice to be able to look into someone's eyes and be confident about yourself. Thank You for what you do ~ Steve

Dear Mrs. Stepankowski, I lost the sight in my right eye in a Whiffle Ball accident when I was twelve years old. Over the next twenty years that eye deteriorated to the point where it had to be removed. I was referred for prosthesis to the Ocular Restoration Clinic in Hamburg, NY, which was very fortunate. My first prosthesis was made ion 1980 by the founder Ms. LaDonna Swan. Her skill and gentle touch produced a beautiful prosthesis.

Over time, the color of my natural eye had changed, sp prodthesis was made for a better match. The folks Ms. Swan had chosen to replace herself and had taught also did a wonderful job.

I eventually moved about 350 miles further away and later about 650 miles away, but I was so pleased with the people at Ocular Restoration Clinic that I never considered using another clinic. I scheduled appointments when I was home to visit family.

About 10 years ago I moved back to where I started and am still happy with the people and the work produced at Ocular Restoration Clinic. Sincerely ~ Richard, PA


I have been going to Ocular Restoration Clinic for over 45 years and have been extremely satisfied. Tami and Angela do a fantastic job. They are very professional and personable. They care about the quality of their work and want to be sure I am satisfied in which I am. Ann Marie is also very professional and personable. I feel fortunate to have such a great place to go. ~ Colleen, NY


I have had a very positive relationship with The Ocular Restoration Clinic since I was a young girl, having gone there with my family for my sister's appointments. We both were premature babies - pure oxygen in incubators(which was standard procedure then) resulted in similar visual complications for us. My direct need for the clinic started in my mid-teens, which was a very sensitive time for me to face, and accept, that reality.

Through its founder La Donna Swan, retired a long time ago, she personally knew Tami, and selected just the right person to carry on the legacy of her unique and beloved clinic. An interesting side note: because of an unfortunate eye infection when she was a child, La Donna wore an artificial eye. Developing her own process, for both comfort and aesthetics, became a life long ambition for her. By founding the Ocular Restoration Clinic, others continue to benefit from her knowledge and wisdom, as well.


The staff never faltered in their professionalism, and the sincere care which every client receives is paramount. The positive atmosphere that these concerns generate makes the Ocular Restoration Clinic a comforting and reassuring place to go when  seeking their expertise. I've always been intrigued by the process of creating (and the history of) ocular prosthetics. Tami and Angela are more than happy to explain everything they are doing, and to answer each and every question that comes up. And, their unfailing instance on nothing less than perfection. Once Tami even worked with me through her entire lunch break, because she wanted to achieve precisely the right color-match for my hazel eyes - a most complicated mix to deal with! Other unique factors, such as an eye's shade of white and any natural veining, are likewise observed & matched.


Over time, it's not unusual for there to be a miniscule change in the socket, which affects the overall fit of a "special eye" (that's how I refer to mine, as it is a work of art). Of course, these concerns are always mentioned during any maintenance (professional cleaning) visits. It is truly amazing just what can be done to ever so slightly adjust the prosthetic to regain complete comfort. And when it is time for a new eye to be made, Tami and Angela are honest and upfront about the reasons why it is necessary, which I immensely appreciate.


If your visit will be on behalf of a little one, please gently advise in advance that, at this time, eyesight will not be "restored" at the clinic, but rather, the symmetry of a beautiful countenance will be. As children are (obviously) in a state of constant growth, be aware that a child may need slightly more ocular replacements than an adult will. Also, a prosthetic is not only comfortable to wear, it is entirely safe, as it is made of acrylic materials. The misnomer of referring to as artificial eye as being a "glass eye" is callous, and entirely inappropriate - especially as such knowledge can now be shared with mere clicks on a computer or device.


Whenever I am leaving the clinic, I always hold my head up high, proud to be me - just the way I am - and so grateful that Tami and Angela are there for me. I often remind myself that if they've done their job right (at the Clinic) no one will ever notice. That is exactly the highest unspoken compliment that Tami and Angela strive for. Though only a very small percentage of people will ever need to wear a "special eye", I assure you that you'll have chosen wisely to come to the Ocular restoration Clinic. ~ Debbie H., NY.




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