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Making The Artificial Eye

Today ocular prostheses are made of acrylic material (Methyl Methacrylate) that forms into any shape and size, is durable, and is well tolerated by human tissue. At the Ocular Restoration Clinic, artificial eyes are custom precision made by an impression procedure to duplicate the exact likeness of the socket.


From direct observation of the living eye, a small
round iris disc is hand painted with earth-color
pigments suspended in liquid plastics.

Here are the steps involved in this process:

An impression of the socket is taken from which a wax model is made to determine the correct position of the iris, the corneal curvature, and eye opening. The model
is used to prepare a master mold which is filled with acrylic that has been carefully blended to match the scleral coloration of the patient's companion eye.

The eye is cured and final coloration, limbus blend,

and fibrous veins are simulated. The entire eye is then covered with a clear acrylic coating and is cured once more. Next, it is highly polished to a perfectly smooth surface.


With the prothesis now completed, the outer appearance is deceivingly real while the underside, being an exact replica of the interior socket, fits snugly and comfortably.




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